Monday, September 3, 2012

Nannari Sarbath

Preparation Time : 3 mins
Serves                 : 1 Person

Nannari Sarbath is one of the popular drink in Tamilnadu which is easily available on even road side shops. This is the favourite drink for me and my hubby. So I bought 2 bottles from my native.  Nannari is a special syrup for summer which reduces our body heat. Today i really had lot of works and I badly wanted to have one. I was really very happy to see a soda and lemon in my refrigerator. I made this Sarbat immediately and felt very much relaxed. It is really a good thirst quenching drink that cools our body.

Nannari Syrup - 3 tbsp
Water              - 3 tbsp
Soda                - 1 (Cooled)
Lemon              - 1

  1. Mix all the ingredients except soda in a glass and mix well with a spoon. 
  2. Add Soda to fill the glass.
  3. Now the refreshing Drink is ready to quench our thirst.

  • If you don't have soda, add water. But adding soda gives excellent taste.


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