Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicken Fried Rice

This is a colorful and flavorful fried rice filled with vegetables, chicken , colorful capsicum along with the scramble of eggs. Chicken fried rice can also be prepared with the left over rice. It tastes great with left over rice which is 1 day old.


Chicken (Boneless)                                     - 250 gms
Basmathi/Seeraga Samba Rice                     - 1 cup
Scrambled egg                                             - 2 eggs
Onion                                                          - 1
Chopped Carrot,Beans                                 - 1/2 cup
Green Capsicum  (cut into desired shape)     - 1/2 piece
Red Capsicum  (cut into desired shape)        - 1/2 piece
Ghee                                                            - 2 tsp
Black pepper powder                                   - 1/2 tsp
White pepper powder                                   - 1 pinch
Soya sauce                                                   - 2 tsp
Chilli sauce                                                    - 2 tsp
Oil                                                                 - 2 tsp
Salt                                                                - To taste

Cardomom                                                    - 1
Cloves                                                           - 2
Cinnamon stick                                              - 1


  1. Cook rice in a pressure cooker with 1 1/2 cups of water. Dont  cook too much. Allow the rice to cool. Cut the chicken into small pieces and pressure Chicken for 2 whistles in medium flame.
  2. Grind the items mentioned in "TO GRIND" section to a dry powder.
  3. In a separate pan, add ghee, oil and fry onion till it becomes golden brown. Add Boiled Chicken pieces and stir well till it becomes whitish. Add Carrot, Beans, Capsicum and fry for 5 mins. If Required, add little water to cook. 
  4. Add White pepper and mix well. Then, add black pepper.
  5. Add soya sauce, Chilli sauce and stir well.
  6. Add the cooked rice and stir well till the rice get mixed well with the ingredients. Add Scrambled eggs and stir well. Add salt and adjust.
  7. Serve hot with tomato sauce/ chicken manchurian/ gobi manchurian of your choice.

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